Saturday, April 16, 2011

242nd Good Thing about Unemployment

You manage unemployment by wandering around (MBWA) with your dogs.
Here are some tips:
  1. Appear relaxed as you wander. 
  2. Try to spend an equal amount of time with each dog.
  3. Talk with them about their passions--perhaps, squirrels, chipmunks and biscuits.
  4. Ask for suggestions for improvement and then ignore them.
  5. Catch a dog doing something right, like not pooping on the path, and praise him.
  6. Remain open and responsive to their concerns.
  7. Convey an image of a coach, not a dog catcher.
  8. Give them water when you stop wandering on a hot day. On cool days, there is no need for refreshment. 


    Kaaren said...

    I must say, I am always impressed with your postings! This post reminded me of "Officespace", the movie, especially the part about "listening to suggestions and not taking them"

    I just read your "My tomato ate the principal" post. I wish I had started reading these sooner! And you must be sick of hearing, "Gosh, I'm surprised you're unemployed." Your entries and media are creative.

    Sheba Marx said...

    You are so kind, Kaaren. Thanks! 17 and one-half months down.