Friday, February 5, 2010

55 Good Things about Unemployment

55. Unfettered-ness. According to another psychological study, most people are happier on days without work because nobody is bugging them. Scientists label it the weekend-effect. This author says for complete well-being, become unemployed. Calling it the “unemployment-effect,” test subjects say they feel better—emotionally and physically—from Monday morning through Sunday night.

54. You watch a library video, Mr. Moto’s Last Warning, and congratulate Peter Lorre when he throws a stack of dynamite out of his abode as it explodes in the air, escapes from a tied gunnysack sunk in the Mediterranean and prevents a war between Britain and France, while never breaking his glasses.

53. As they disconnect your cable, you realize you are already Dancing with the Stars. Just one more of the Desperate Housewives writing her Vampire Diaries. These are the Days of Our Lives.
Although George Clooney doesn't seem to be referenced here, I think he should be.

52. You don’t have to bathe regularly.

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