Tuesday, October 26, 2010

193rd Good Thing about Unemployment

You celebrate your one-year anniversary of unemployment by not working.

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Anonymous said...

HERE! HERE! unemployed for two years but temped while looking for a full time gig 2004-2006. went to graduate school to get a better gig 2006-2008....unable to find a real job (sporadic temp jobs in the meantime) 2008-present..starting process to file bankruptcy but at least I have my health!!

Oh yeah, here is #194

The superhero ability of getting things at a reduced rate or for free buy the sheer laws of attraction i.e. people pay for u, discover free events, etc...

Sheba Marx said...

Congratulations Anonymous! You are an unemployed survivor. As we eat split pea soup, go to bed early and put the dogs on a diet, we survive with humor. Good luck to you.