Monday, July 19, 2010

165 Good Things about Unemployment

165. You realize that shopping is not a patriotic act. I just returned from a trip to my home town visiting with family and friends. Although it was tempting to shop where I'm familiar with the stores, I stayed away. My time was better spent talking about old times and new while sharing meals and laughs. When Dick Cheney and George Bush urged citizens to shop after 9/11, Robert Reich said, "We don't live to support an economy. The economy exists to support us." So, why doesn't the U.S. Senate support us with passage of the unemployment extension? Seems patriotic to me.
Note: Google removed the ads on my site for suspected wrongful activity although they won't say what I did wrong. I'm appealing.

164. When you visit friends, you look so pitiful they provide you with a free meal. The trick is employing this tactic over and over again.

163. You can poop in privacy. Have you ever been making number two when your boss walks into the restroom? Do you hold it? Do you let it go? Do you hope that she doesn’t inhale? All of us know that everybody poops. But, no one wants to be caught doing it. Even guys. I can’t figure that out.

162. At least the deer flies love you. The females even suck your blood through fresh bug spray. Where do I apply for Buffy's old job?

161. Heat and humidity are high here. No air conditioning at home. The nuns at my grade school would say that suffering is a good thing.

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